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Welcome to Fleetistics Academy

Fleetistics Academy provides customers with a structured, classroom-like environment to learn your new GPS system.

Video classes and more

Each class in the Academy includes video instruction and a follow-up quiz to verify your understanding of the content. The quiz is optional unless you are pursuing Fleetistics Certification.

Continuing Education

Fleetistics Academy not only provides new users with a source for knowledge, it is a source for existing users through the presentation of continuing education classes.

Gain the most ROI for your investment

By learning how to use your GPS system, more features and capabilities are possible. Gain the most from your investment dollar by leveraging all of the features and options available through your GPS system.

With GPS are the pieces fall into place

Your new GPS systems brings all of the pieces of fleet management together into one cohesive picture . . . but only if your know how to use your system. Fleetistics Academy is the source for learning your new system.

Available courses

Running Reports in Geotab

Reports are used for routine information and provide to alerts for issues to address immediately. Here we discussed reports and the associated options including scheduling reports for delivery via email, adding reports to the dashboard, and customizing reports.

Managing Maintenance with Geotab

The Fleetistics Maintenance class covers the setup, editing, and management of maintenance reminders for vehicles. This class is intended for all users associated with fleet maintenances such as fleet managers, technicians, mechanics, and service managers.

Using Zones in Geotab

This class provides instructions for creating and editing zones, and creating zone types. 

System and User Options in Geotab

The class provides a tutorial on general system and user settings for new users. If you're new to Geotab, this class assists in the initial setup of your new system by outlining the system and users options that should be applied before your system is implemented.

Rules in Geotab

Rules and the associated options to enable information by exception. Create standard and custom rules as well as configure notifications when exceptions to a rule occurs.

Getting started with Geotab

New to Geotab? This is THE place to start. Here we discuss setting system setting and user options as well as how to rename your vehicles and other new account configurations.

Routes and Dispatch in Geotab

The Fleetistics Routes and Dispatch class covers the setup, editing, and management of routes. This class is intended for all users associated with dispatch and routing such as fleet managers, dispatchers, and route managers. This class covers creating routes, dispatch, and two-way messaging in Geotab.

Introduction to Groups in Geotab

Groups are one of the most powerful and encompassing features of Geotab. A cohesive Group structure provides untold versatility in managing data access. Here we provide an introduction to Groups.

Customizing Reports in Geotab

Here we present creating, editing and distributing customized reports. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is needed. This content targets users that already completed the basic reports class.