After you are comfortable with the basics of using and navigating the Geotab system, the classes included in this category is your next step. Here we dive a little deeper into the nuts-and-bolts of the Geotab system.

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Routes and Dispatch in Geotab

The Fleetistics Routes and Dispatch class covers the setup, editing, and management of routes. This class is intended for all users associated with dispatch and routing such as fleet managers, dispatchers, and route managers. This class covers creating routes, dispatch, and two-way messaging in Geotab.

Introduction to Groups in Geotab

Groups are one of the most powerful and encompassing features of Geotab. A cohesive Group structure provides untold versatility in managing data access. Here we provide an introduction to Groups.

Customizing Reports in Geotab

Here we present creating, editing and distributing customized reports. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is needed. This content targets users that already completed the basic reports class.